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"Richard Remsen's glass and metal sculptures at once embody a sense of mystery, elegance, fantasy and humor. His lures and fish forms shimmer as though moving through sun-dappled water, visible just below the surface.

Remsen's major installation piece, Glass Claws-Pulse Point, 2007, explores the fantastic on a grand scale, using a seemingly haphazard pile of variously-colored blown-glass lobster claws as its central motif. The richly-hued and textured refuse heap levitates above the floor on cantilevered plate glass sheets, themselves infused with x-ray-cat scans of actual lobster claws.

Floating on top of images of their prototypes, the claws are a beautiful oddity. Like an archeological shell midden, the large mound of 'discarded shellfish' evokes a sense of wonder about its origins. The installation seems to reference the awe of discovery -- the unexpected, fantastic discards and their cold, analytical underpinnings."

- Lora Urbanelli - Director of the Farnsworth Museum

Maine glass art on display at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland Maine

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